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Title: The Watchers

Release Date: March 2015 - End of 2016
Genre: Action, Crime, Adventure
Budget: $12 000 000
Director: Artem Aksenenko
Cast: Aleksandra Bortich, Ivan Shahnazarov, Anvar Halilulaev, Ilya Malanin


An action & adventure 4-part franchise about four teenagers that team up to counter the rich and powerful in the name of justice.


Part 1: Beginning



A young girl is hit by car in the city center.  Her friend Kira finds out the guilty – a cynical impudent oligarch Polyanski that brazens it out.  A big friend of the corrupted elite, he refuses to pay for his victim’s urgent operation. Desperate, Kira asks three guys to help her and restore justice. 


Part 2:The Last Hero



A male corpse with the Watchers’ mark falls on a boat deck where a wedding party is in full swing. What is it – a setup or a foreboding for the team? Seems that a new avenger is in the game...


Part 3: Jack Pot



A girl seeks for help: her brother took up with the wrong guys. An investigation leads the Watchers to an underground casino, where rich youngsters gamble for poor people’s lives as a stake…


Part 4: Robbery in Bangkok



The oligarch Polyanski comes back for revenge.  Criminals kidnap Kira on the oligarch’s order. To rescue her, the guys have to help Polyanski escape from the Asian prison and rob a bank belonging to his ex-partner.

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