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Title: Talk of the Devil

Release Date: March, 2014
Genre: Mystical comedy
Budget: $2 000 000
Running Time: 90 min
Director: Evgeny Abyzov
Cast: Garik Kharlamov, Kristina Asmus, Yuri Kuznetsov



A cynical and ruthless real estate agent Pasha talks an old lady into making  over her family mansion to him by promising her to open a museum in it. The  very next day an excavator starts destroying the house as the land here costs a fortune. Nothing personal, just business. The old lady curses Pasha and from now on he is damned to appear whenever someone talks of him. And since he has earned quite a bit of enemies, he will be talked of often.

*Monte-Carlo Film Festival de la Comedie 2014: Best Production Award

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