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Planeta Inform Group of Companies has been on the market since 2001. It consists of four main business units: marketing agency Planeta Inform; PR-agency Sarafan; Planeta Inform Film Distribution and a leading B2B magazine «Booker’s Bulletin».
The International Sales Department was launched in 2009. The content was sold in more than 120 countries. Total box office (BO) for all projects in international sales is over 23M USD.
Planeta Inform Group of Companies works with virtually all genres: from sci-fi to animation, from horrors to documentaries.
Highest BO examples:
-        THE BRIDE,
The BO of this horror title was $6,495,256 in Latin America, where it also got released on Netflix.
The film was invited to participate in many international festivals including Sitges , Popcorn Fright Festival, Grimmfest, Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival and others.
-        GUARDIANS,
The BO of this sci-fi title reached $9,765,483 worldwide.
The film won the nomination «Blockbuster of the Year» and was acquired by more than 100 countries.



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Снимок экрана (123).jpg
Снимок экрана (123).jpg

Moscow, Russia

123022, 2nd Zvenigorodskaya str., build. 13/42, 8th floor​


Tel:    +7 (495) 783-76-57
Fax:   +7 (495) 783-76-57

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