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Format: 2D

Release Date: December 2018

Status: Postproduction​
Genre: Documentary 

Running Time: 3 х 56 min
Director: Oleg Larionov



Chinese martial arts have centuries-long history and traditions. But not that many people know what it really is - recreational gymnastics or martial art? Is it a training system accessible by everyone or is it a path of the chosen? 
All the secrets of Wushu are presented in the new unique documentary project - Heroes Of Wushu! 
Eighteen best Chinese masters and fourteen strongest schools are depicted practicing in ancient temples and modern cities, abandoned Chinese villages and modern Wushu schools, and, of course – the legendary Shaolin temple. 
Heroes of Wushu - is a thousandsof kilometers long journey through China to find out about the past, present and the future of Chinese martial arts. 
The First film. Roadto Shaolin. 
The Shaolin temple - is the birthplace of Chinese Wushu. That’s a fact accepted in the whole world. But is it really? Do legends tell us the truth? Where to look for real roots of Wushu and what are the most renowned schools? The first film will reveal the secrets of the Shaolin temple and many other styles of Wushu! 
The Second film. The art of war. 
Word Wushu means “martial art”. But a lot of people in the world consider Wushu simply as recreational gymnastics. Are there masters left in China for whom Wushu remains the art of fight. Who are they, how do they live today and how do they train the new generation of Wushu students – is in the second film of the series. 
The Third film. New century. 
The whole World and China are rapidly changing. What was popular only five years ago is now outdated. The history of Chinese Wushu is millennia long, howeverthe art is still relevant today. But what does its future look like? Would it become another traditional martial art which lost its relevance in the modern world or will it continue evolving? You will find out everything about the future of Wushu in the third film of the series!

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