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Title: Mortal Affair

Release Date: 2015
Genre: Thriller, Suspense, Action
Running Time: 70 min

Director: Renat Davletiarov


Pretty Sasha finds herself in a whirlpool of intrigue and criminal games after her lover, a talented painter, is murdered. Chased on one side by brutal criminals who don't leave witnesses, and on the other by the cops who consider her the #1 suspect, Sasha is forced to act alone to solve the mystery of her lover’s death and keep herself alive and free at the same time. 

Gradually she unravels the tangle of mysteries and deceptions, only to learn that her lover was forging paintings which had been sold for millions of dollars, and no-one  really is who they say they are. 

The film is shot and designed in hip and edgy settings and boasts a sexy, modern touch achieved through many sensual flashbacks.

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