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Meet us at AFM

Dear Colleagues,

We'll be glad to meet you at the upcoming American Film Market (02/11/16 - 09/11/16). Our location is Loews 635. Also, we'd like to invite to the following promo screenings: 1) Planeta Inform Promo Reel incl. 20min promo of the horror The Bride

November 3rd 9:00am AMC Santa Monica 3 2) Guardians 40 min Promo Reel November 4th 11:00am ArcLight 3 November 6th 1:00pm ArcLight 3 3) The Icebreaker - PREMIERE November 2nd 1:00pm AMC Santa Monica 3 November 4th 9:00am AMC Santa Monica 3 4) Dance to death - PREMIERE November 2nd 11:00am ArcLight 3 November 3rd 3:00pm ArcLight 3 See you in LA!

Cordially yours, Planeta Inform Sales Team

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