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Title: Wings Above Berlin


From the producer and director of AK-47

Status: Post-production 
Release date: IIQ, 2022
Budget: $7 000 000 
Genre: war/action/historic
Running time: 100 min 
Language: Russian
Producer and director: Konstantin Buslov 

The year is 1941. Nazi Germany has declared war on the USSR and begins launching air assaults on Moscow and St. Petersburg. Stalin immediately orders a retaliatory air campaign under the code name “Wings over Berlin.”

The closest entry point to Berlin from the USSR border was an airfield on the Estonian island Saaremaa in the Baltic Sea. It would be a 7-hour flight over enemy territory in outdated aircraft leaving no chance of survival for the tail crew members in case of attack.

Despite overwhelming odds, the first units completed the mission and made it back to base safely, unlike many others that followed.

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