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Title: WE

Status: Post-production 
Estimated Release date: September 22, 2022
Genre: sci-fi/action 
Running time: 100 min 
Budget: $7 000 000 
Language: Russian
Producers: Sarik Andreasyan, Gevond Andreasyan, Armen Ananikyan
Director: Hamlet Dulyan 


Distant Future. The remnants of humanity live in the perfect One State. Despite an authoritarian system of serial numbers, uniforms, glass houses and scheduled sex, happiness and harmony seem to prevail. 

Chief engineer D-503 finds mathematical perfection in everything that surrounds him. Dedicating all his talent and power to building The Integral  – an innovative, superpowered  spaceship - he believes he is working for the benefit of the citizenry's bright future in outer space.  

But a chance encounter with a woman I-330 shatters his fundamental beliefs and ideology. D-503 will soon discover that there are those who disagree and who seek to destroy the last stronghold of mankind –  One State.

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